All about referrals

We invite all Drake customers to join the DrakeHealth insurance referral program. You can earn generous referral fees while providing valuable guidance for your customers who need insurance.

The referral process has three steps:

  1. Educate yourself and your clients with the information and calculators provided here on
  2. Obtain a referral link for your customer:
    • Your referral ID (your Drake account number) will be embedded within this link, giving you credit for a submitted application.
    • Drake Software allows you to email your referral link to your clients.
    • Place the referral link anywhere else it can be clicked – on your website, in emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  3. Using your referral link, your customer applies for health insurance (eligible plans detailed below).

Open enrollment began November 1, 2016 and ends January 31, 2017. However, people who have a qualifying life event are allowed to enroll in a qualified health insurance plan when the event changes insurance status. The federal government determines what a qualifying life event is. On the eHealth website a user can select one of the following options when shopping for insurance on the Exchange:

  1. Loss of coverage (due to job loss, job change, etc.; not due to nonpayment)
  2. Marriage or divorce
  3. Permanent move to a new coverage area
  4. Birth or adoption of a child
  5. Other (loss of eligibility for Medicaid, loss of eligibility for CHIP, expiration of COBRA benefits, graduating college or losing coverage from parent’s health plan, gaining or losing a dependent, death of a family member, change in disability status, certain changes in income, changes in household size)
  6. Don’t qualify but still need insurance (show other options)
Using your referral link, your client can select the appropriate qualifying event and then fill out the application on the eHealth website. The user will then be directed to call an eHealth representative to get the ID number to mark the plan as a qualified health plan eligible for a government subsidy. Applications filled out using your referral link on the eHealth site qualify for a referral fee.

Please note, some ZIP Codes will only allow the client to purchase insurance on the federal or a state Marketplace. In this case, applications would be filled out on the federal or state Marketplace, thus making it ineligible for a referral fee.

We encourage you to provide your referral link to all your customers.

What your client gains

When your clients follow your referral link to begin shopping for coverage, they can:

  • Choose from a broad selection of well-known, trusted insurance companies, like Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, CoventryOne, Humana, and many more
  • Access 180+ carriers offering 13,000 plans
  • Sign up and receive quotes for FREE
  • Talk to a licensed agent to find the best match for their needs
  • Review their options with instant online pricing
What counts as a referral

You will earn referral fees on “referral fee eligible products” when a completed application is properly submitted to and received by the relevant carrier or Health Insurance Marketplace.

Referral fee eligible plans are:

  • Major medical individual and family health insurance
  • Qualified health plan as defined by the Affordable Care Act
  • Small business group health insurance
  • Medicare Advantage with prescription coverage
  • Medicare Advantage without prescription coverage
  • Medicare Supplement
DrakeHealth and your 7216 responsibilities

When should you get a signed Section 7216 consent from your client?

  • If you collect information only for assessing whether the taxpayer is eligible for the premium assistance credit or subject to the penalty, a signed consent is not necessary.
  • If you collect information with the intent to recommend a solution, such as to refer clients to DrakeHealth, you should get a signed consent before performing the assessment.
    Example language: “I can use your numbers and show you how the ACA will impact you. If you would like me to recommend a solution based on what I find, I’ll need to get your signed Consent to Use your tax information for that purpose.”
  • You do not need to get a signed Consent to Disclose, as you are not sending taxpayer data to a third party.
Your next step

To join for the DrakeHealth referral program, sign in to your account on the Drake Support website, then choose My Account > DrakeHealth.

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